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No more excuses: Revolutionizing your online content is child's play with EdLive LightBoard Studios.

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What is a LightBoard Studio?

It's an all-in-one, turnkey and transparent LightBoard integrated into a professional video production studio.

Connect your computer to your EdLive LightBoard Studio and bring immersive experiences to your audience.


Don't change your working habits: create interactive videos with your own usuals softwares.


Don't change your work environment: in the training room, at a conference, in the classroom or in the comfort of your home.

Endless Possibilities... Well, almost!

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Knowledge sharing and skill transfer spare no industry.


Schools, universities, manufacturing, consulting, marketing, banks and insurance companies... they all have video production needs.


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Data that will make you tip your hats.Data that'll make you tip your hats.

Learners watched a video produced by EdLive Studios.

More engagement and retention, across all your audiences.


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LightBoard EdLive Studios let you create, broadcast and record engaging, immersive videos... 

In full autonomy.


Live or replay.


Wherever and whenever you want.


Face-to-face or distance learning.


With your own computer and usuals softwares.

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Thinking is the base. But Action wins the race!

Teaching Excellence Award

Hybrid conferences

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Supported by scientific research

Numerous research articles have proven the positive impact of LightBoard on learning and knowledge sharing.

The principle of gaze orientation

Dynamic drawing principle

Non-verbal communication

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