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Drowning in a sea of theory? Let's sum up your 200-page manual in just twenty pages: important exam theory, method box, tips, classic mistakes to avoid, practice. Practice. And Practice. Oh yes, we almost forgot the most important part: the solution books, of course! 

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Get answers to all your questions and don't get stuck in your study. Yes, yes, all your questions. On the other hand, if you ask us to solve the RIemann hypothesis (a 160-year-old problem still unsolved), we'll probably refer you elsewhere! 

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EdLive is proud to offer free mathematics resources for students and teachers in Secondary 4 and Secondary 5 in Quebec. These educational resources can be used directly by students, but are also available to teachers in Quebec's Ministry of Education school network who wish to use our resources as a complement to their own teaching resources. It's a gift! 🤓