Increase your competitiveness. Reduce your costs.

Research shows that a LightBoard Studio increases retention, improves knowledge sharing and skills transfer, and reduces training time. 

When the Presential meets the Virtual

Adapt your content to any context without compromising on quality: combine excellence and flexibility with EdLive Studios.

Take it to the next level 🚀

Improve your company's competitiveness by rapidly, consistently and measurably upgrading the skills of your employees, customers and collaborators.

The EdLive LightBoard significantly improves concentration and retention thanks to the principle of dynamic drawing and gaze orientation.

Achieve economies of scale and offer quality and flexibility for all: increase your reach, not your budget!

Your message, your way: EdLive Studios offer you unlimited options for distributing your content.

A unique solution for your training, consulting, coaching and conference offer: the future of professional training is here.

More than a product: an impact transformation

At EdLive, we don't just offer you a product: we offer you a transformation. A transformation in the way you train, communicate and engage. Join the EdLive movement and discover what "impact" really means. 

Customers who say Yes...

To a dazzling experience.

Learners watched a video produced by EdLive Studios.

More engagement and retention, across all your audiences.


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Your content: an unforgettable experience

Here are just a few of the benefits you can derive from EdLive Studios, whatever your business or industry sector.

Unique and captivating presentations

Take the edge off your competition: whether you're in a meeting, training session, conference or pitch, EdLive LightBoard Studios let you create unique, memorable presentations. You don't just present: you impress, engage and convert.



Stop boring, impersonal training courses

With LightBoard EdLive Studios, you enter a new era of communication by offering immersive, interactive and customized content. The result? Increased retention, faster employee integration and efficient execution of your procedures. You don't just train your team: you transform it.



Take back control of your video production costs

Say goodbye to budget-busting video production costs. Our LightBoard Studios give you the freedom and autonomy to create your own high-quality content. You can even outsource your needs, within YOUR EdLive Studio, and keep control of expenses. It's financial independence, reinvented.



Amplify your marketing and advertising impact

Don't just reach your audience: captivate them. It's no coincidence that Martin Matte uses EdLive Studios to promote his foundation! Whether for advertising campaigns, product launches or marketing initiatives, our LightBoard Studios amplify the reach and impact of your message.



Total flexibility for masterly results

Live or recorded, face-to-face or remote, the choice is yours! The EdLive encoder lets you integrate your own streaming, videoconferencing and presentation software into your LightBoard EdLive Studio. There's no need to change your working habits: you're the master of your own video ship.