EdLive LightBoard Lines

Ready-to-install (kit) or ready-to-use (turnkey), EdLive lightboards can be sold on their own or integrated into a professional video recording studio.

🚀 Take your videos to the next level with EdLive Studios 🚀

All in one. Turnkey.

Connect your computer to your EdLive LightBoard Studio and bring immersive experiences to your audience.

Live or replay.

Wherever you want, whenever you want.

Both face-to-face and distance learning.

On your own or with our help.

For what kind of content?

Find out how the big family of content creators use their EdLive Studios to suit their needs.

Inspire teachers.
Involve students.

Pedagogically proven to increase socio-emotional learning (SEL), reduce cognitive load and improve learning outcomes.

Thanks to EdLive Studios, facial expressions and eye contact not only increase your audience's engagement, but also contribute to their social and emotional learning (SEL).

EdLive LightBoard Lines

3 ranges: large, intermediate, pocket.

Pocket range (coming soon)

Intermediate range

Base Kit

EdLive lightboard (56″) on stand with bracing, front shelf, power box and board lighting.

Studio Premium Laptop Kit

Studio Premium Kit (56″): this is THE turnkey solution with absolutely all the equipment you need.

Studio Premium Kit Desktop

Studio Premium Kit (56″): this is THE turnkey solution with absolutely all the equipment you need.

Large range (coming soon)

Your audience wants to see your face !

According to the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (CTML), a statistical study was carried out on over 50,000 learners aged between 6 and 44. The goal?

Measure their preference between a video shot via a LightBoard and a video shot via a webcam, screen sharing and a whiteboard. The results?

The preference ratio for a LightBoard is around 50 to 1... Drop the mic!

Don't Just Listen To Us

Hear our clients, and you will know who to trust.

Sharing knowledge spares no one, and our leads' sectors of activity are as numerous as they are varied. 


No need for a technician, cameraman or sound engineer: you're 100% in control of your content and video production costs!


If you still need help, we can offer you ongoing technical support, customized training and access to the EdLive Academy!

Stats 101

Data that will make you tip your hats.Data that'll make you tip your hats.

Learners watched a video produced by EdLive Studios.

More engagement and retention, across all your audiences.


EdLive users recommend us.

Supported by research

Numerous scientific articles have proven the positive impact of LightBoard on learning and knowledge sharing.

The principle of gaze orientation

Dynamic drawing principle

Non-verbal communication

EdLive simplifies knowledge sharing

According to cognitive load theory (CLT), working memory contains a fixed amount of information at any one time.

Learners' cognitive load increases when a content creator turns his back on his audience to write on a blackboard or interactive screen.

EdLive Studios reduce learners' cognitive load by effectively combining auditory and visual information.

Without EdLive Studios

❌ The presenter often gives his back to his audience.

❌ Audiences lose focus more quickly.

❌ The audience can't see what the presenter is writing.

❌ The audience can't see the presenter's facial expression.

With EdLive Studios

✅ The presenter is constantly facing his audience.

✅ Sources of deconcentration are kept to a minimum.

✅ The audience sees in real time what the presenter is writing.

✅ The audience sees the presenter's face and gaze. At all times.

When the Presential meets the Virtual

Watch their reaction. Gauge their satisfaction. Then adjust your action.