EdLive encoding software

The EdLive encoder powered by OBS is THE software to use in your EdLive Studios to offer your audience an immersive, interactive experience.

Don't Change a Thing

Our encoding software takes care of everything.

Continue to broadcast your content live on your usual platforms (+5000 integrations). Easy.

Integrate your "preso" in one click, whatever the format. Yeah, we're proud of this one.

Forget about cameramen, technicians or sound engineers: you're 100% autonomous in YOUR studios. Just like a grown-up.

But even the big boys need help sometimes, so we offer you the full package: technical support, customized training and EdLive Academy access.

Package and Prices

The Premium Encoder Package : everything you need to fly solo, but with a safety net below. You never know.

Want to find out more? Arrange a demo? Contact us at [email protected]

Take your Freedom and Beat the Competition, that's True Wisdom!

Encoding software is your parachute for jumping into the great void of autonomy and enjoying the great outdoors, with a safety net at the finish line. You can never be too careful.

Do you still prefer to jump with an instructor? No problem: the Premium Encoder Package centralizes all the coaching you need. Up close and personal.

What is the EdLive Academy?

The Premium Encoder Package gives you access to the EdLive Academy for full autonomy within EdLive Studios.

Includes all videos on how to set up and use EdLive Studios.

Includes all the videos for installing, setting up and using our encoding software.

Includes tips and tricks for using your own presentation, videoconferencing or streaming softwares.

Direct access to technical support via your EdLive Academy profile.

Boost Audience Engagement Fast, and Cut your Workload in Half

With over 5,000 integrations, our encoding software lets you project any presentation media format: images, videos, web and desktop software, music, web browsers, etc. 

So you can continue to use your own presentation media, while enjoying the immersive visuals provided by our encoding software in your EdLive Studios.

What is the Scene Library?

The Premium Encoder Package gives you access to EdLive's library of scenes to provide your audience with interactive and engaging experiences.

The EdLive scene library includes visual templates that you can use directly or customize. Different strokes for different folks.

Switch from one scene to another, and therefore from one visual to another, with just one click. Really. And without a hitch. Really.

You can integrate all the file formats you need into your scenes: logo, image, video, software, browser, music, etc.

The EdLive scene library is available via your EdLive Academy profile.