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Research shows that a Studio LightBoard leads to better comprehension, retention, academic performance and learning transfer. 

EdLive is not just for online teaching.

In fact, EdLive Studios were originally designed to increase student engagement in the classroom and enhance learning.

From kindergarten to university

EdLive Studios deliver an engagement rate between 3 and 6 times higher than a videoconference course with screen sharing and whiteboard.

Face your audience so that your pupils catch your every gesture and facial expression.

Improve student retention and concentration by humanizing your online courses.

The principle of dynamic drawing optimizes learning and makes your content interactive.

Your students catch the direction of your gaze, and follow the important concepts with attention.

Stay connected to your students by having access to their facial expressions at all times, whether in face-to-face, remote or hybrid formats.

Some scientific articles

Find out what the research says about using a LightBoard in a learning context.

During our four-year study with LightBoard videos, there was a marked improvement in exam grades, with an average increase of 17.87% in the assessment item. Students were visibly more engaged and achieved a deeper understanding of the subjects. Students' enthusiasm for the subject was evident, with plenty of positive feedback, and their appreciation of the resources was noted consistently, both in normal day-to-day teaching and in formal subject examinations.
Dr Stephanie Schweiker

PhD, Bond University

This mixed-method study examined the effect of Lightboard videos on student learning and perceptions in a flipped classroom model. Outcomes were measured using homework assignments. Additional quantitative and qualitative data were collected via an end-of-semester survey. The data show an improvement in students' average scores. Overall survey averages on the Likert scale showed strong endorsement of Lightboard videos for comprehension, engagement and satisfaction.
Dr Peter Rogers

PhD, Mississippi University

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Pre-secondary education.

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Learners watched a video produced by EdLive Studios.

More engagement and retention, across all your audiences.


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Some advantages of LightBoard EdLive

For all ages. For all levels. For all subjects.

Teach in the comfort of your own home

An EdLive Studio is a LightBoard integrated into an all-in-one, turnkey professional video production studio, occupying a very small footprint and which you can use from home.



Or directly in the classroom

You can continue to use your own video conferencing software (Zoom, Teams, Meet or others) or streaming software (Youtube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live) within EdLive Studios thanks to our encoding software.



Don't change your work habits

Integrate your own presentations as is, just as you're used to doing in the classroom, regardless of the format of your media: PowerPoint, PDF, image, video, web or desktop software, audio file, etc.



Optimize your students' learning

Your students learn in a unique, interactive and fun way with EdLive LightBoard Studios. You quickly capture their attention, and they can easily appreciate the concepts you want to emphasize.



It's easy to use the flipped classroom

In addition to your live lessons, and if you're a follower of flipped learning, you can pre-record content in EdLive Studios to increase your students' autonomy thanks to our encoding software.